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Patch 2: UX improvements

Hi Mercenaries!

Our second update is live! This patch involves improvement to the localization (German, Russian and Simplified Chinese), bugfixes, general improvements to the gameplay and UI upgrades. Also, no more potato chip sounds!

To everyone who is waiting for the mini map, this will be coming in the next update!

The full patch notes can be read below:


  • German, Chinese, and Russian localization have all been entirely revised, generally improving the quality of translation.
  • Certain text blocks, most notably in the difficulty window and journal are now localized.


  • Oliver, the vendor in the merchant guild, will no longer tell you to go both west and east to reach the harbour.
  • Maarten will no longer get himself stuck on a raised surface during either tutorial combat.
  • Fixed a hidden wall in the Graveyard District behind the Church.
  • Fixed a hidden wall in the Shipyard District, near the docks, that prevented the player from looting a chest.
  • Fixed some collision on the walls in the Graveyard District, which allowed for the player to surf on them.
  • Fixed an issue in the Harbour District where the player was able to walk off of a pier and get stuck on the water.
  • Fixed an inconvenient collision issue in the Harbour District where the player could not completely walk in between two objects at the cranes at the docks.
  • Fixed the Male Sewer Rat Tunic so the head doesn’t clip through it anymore at the top.
  • The mouse cursor should no longer randomly appear when using a controller.
  • The main menu version number now shows the correct number.
  • Skipping the intro cinematic after the Black Legend logo has appeared no longer causes it to get stuck on screen.
  • The Wedding in White sidequest will no longer send you back to fetch the scythe you already have after charging it. This change will also automatically complete the uncompletable fetch quest for anyone who was affected by it.


  • The spawn location of one of the White Wives in the Harbour District has been moved so she will not get stuck behind a wall.
  • Some minor graphical and clipping issues have been resolved and improved in the Graveyard District.
  • Sprinting speed has been increased.
  • Status effect icons have received an update to improve clarity.


  • Unlocking a class now presents you with a popup, more clearly indicating when new classes are unlocked and telling you where you can change classes.
  • The pause menu now explicitly shows you a save button which is disabled if your difficulty settings don’t allow in-combat saving.
  • Units can now be healed from the mercenaries overview window, by using the icon next to their details (top face button on controller).
  • Reworked controller navigation for the mercenaries window to support the new healing system and no longer cycle through mercenaries.
  • Improved the visuals for the Status Effect icons, so they are better visible.
  • The event log has received updated visuals to make it stand out a bit more.
  • The “select class” button has been widened to improve readability.
  • Quest-relevant trinkets without effects will now show their description in their tooltips.
  • Status effects icons in the bottom bar are larger to stand out more.


  • Dog type enemies don’t silently take attacks anymore, whining whenever they get hit or get killed.
  • Dog type enemies have gotten rid of their potato chips eating habits.
  • The Warcry ability now has a sound effect.

New game plus

  • Tutorials no longer show again when starting new game plus
  • Key items are removed from the inventory on new game plus, so certain quests will no longer be automatically completed and you can’t just pass through all locked gates.