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Patch 3: Minimap & World Map

Hi Mercenaries!

The third patch is live now! Bringing you a much requested, highly anticipated feature: minimap & world map! No more clueless running around, no more checking of every road sign, now you know exactly where to go with a simple look on the map! Together with the map, we are also deploying some bugfixes, improvements and balance changes. Some classes won’t even know what hit them! (looking at you, Duelist).

The patch notes can be read in detail below.


  • A minimap has been added to the game, allowing easier navigation within the levels. For players who prefer to play without the minimap, there is a gameplay setting to disable it.
  • A world map has been added to the game, showing you the various districts you have visited and where you currently are.
  • Some bosses have had their size in the bestiary reduced so they fit within the screen.
  • Enemy names in the bestiary will no longer spill out of their windows.
  • Enemy descriptions in the bestiary will no longer be clipped.
  • You no longer need to go to the “buy” side of the vendor to sell items lower than row 2 when using a controller.
  • Mercenary recruitment buttons have increased width to better support localization.


  • The russian localization for the quest “a wedding in white” has been updated.


  • Players and enemies will no longer go “off track” and bounce back and forth when climbing on higher combat speed settings.
  • Weapons that reduce the cost of catalyzing abilities to 1AP now work as intended.
  • Pressing F12 to take a screenshot no longer pops the weapon tooltip.
  • Passive abilities will no longer show twice, hiding potential third passives.
  • Scrolling down in weapon selection when using a controller should now be more consistent and not block the player from scrolling past the first two rows.
  • Steam cloud now correctly synchronises save games.
  • Attempting to open your inventory during the unit placement before the final fight will no longer greet you with a white screen.
  • Using a quarter tree now properly plays an animation and sound.
  • Combat speed will no longer have a chance to affect free movement animation speeds.
  • Single gates now also lock your movement during the animation.
  • Enemies right outside of the merchant guild no longer pop in and vanish when entering the commoner district.
  • Machteld should now properly spawn for all female characters.
  • Polished the Spawn Locations in the Graveyard District, City Center, Church District and the Commoner District.
  • Polished the grass foliage in the Graveyard District.
  • Fixed an area in the City Center where a player could get stuck between vases and boxes.
  • Fix the animation for the Plague Doctor’s Beacon of Ain Soph into a more fitting one.

New game plus

  • Difficulty is no longer reset to easy upon starting a new game plus cycle.
  • You can now adjust difficulty settings before starting a new game plus cycle.


  • Experience gains are reworked to not give all of the experience to the unit executing the action, splitting a part of it between party members. Higher level units will gain less, while lower level units will gain more. Additionally, overall experience gains have been slightly reduced.
  • Revamped most random encounters throughout all chapters in order to have a more logical spread in terms of enemy count and difficulty.
  • Massively buffed Benedict so he’s no longer a pushover for your optimised party.
  • Throwable items scale with unit level, keeping their damage relevant later in the game.
  • Duelist and Rogue now gain less agility per level to reduce initiative snowballing. As compensation for this change, the Duelist gained better stamina scaling and the Rogue gained better strength scaling.
  • Units left in the barracks will scale up relative to the level of the lowest level member in your party to keep them relevant and not forcing you to train a level 1 unit.
  • Area of effect skills grant more experience to keep them in line with other skills.
  • Shout abilities no longer follow line of sight rules.
  • Bleeding damage has been moderately reduced.
  • Mercenary stat growth has been improved, with strength growth going up to C and stamina growth going up to B.

Specific ability changes

  • Blade flurry only applies one stack of humor (was one per hit).
  • Visceral thrust only applies one stack of Rubedo (down from two).
  • Brutus damage significantly reduced.
  • Inspiring shout also removes a random humor stack from affected allies.
  • Pocket sand applies a stack of Nigredo and the experience to unlock it permanently has been significantly reduced.
  • Rightly end no longer applies humor stacks, but deals significantly more damage.
  • Blunt side only applies a single stack of Nigredo (down from two).
  • Execute only applies a single stack of Albedo (down from two), but deals moderately more damage.
  • Snipe only applies a single stack of Nigredo (down from two).
  • Multishot applies double humor stacks if it critically strikes.
  • Glass cannon applies two stacks of Rubedo (up from one).
  • High powder shot applies two stacks of Albedo (up from one), but deals moderately less damage.
  • Flammen now also applies a stack of Nigredo.
  • Bottle o’ rum removes a random humor stack from the user.
  • Stomach punch applies two stacks of Rubedo (up from one).
  • Disarming strike removes two action points from the target (up from one) and deals slightly more damage.
  • Sweeping strike reduces hit targets’ movement points by three for one turn.
  • Kidney shot applies two stacks of Nigredo (up from one).
  • First aid heals slightly more.