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Patch 4: Guides

Hi Mercenaries!

The fourth update is now live! With this update we have replaced the existing tutorial window with a more comprehensive and expansive “Guides” section! This new section will be the source of all information for statuses, effects and mechanics. Together with the updated explanation of mechanics, we are also deploying more bugfixes, QOL improvements and UI upgrades.

The patch notes can be read in detail below.


  • Updated the minimap for the Church District. The Banquet Street landmark is now placed on the correct street.
  • The turn indicator visual is updated for better readability.
  • The tutorial window has been replaced with a more expansive “Guides” tab in the party menu. The areas that would normally open the tutorial instead open up the Guides tab on the relevdaaaant category.
  • The “start combat” button is larger to better accommodate localization.
  • There is now a question mark next to “use of philosophers stone” difficulty setting that can be hovered to show what the philosopher’s stone’s effects are.
  • A one-time highlight has been added to the “select class” button and “inventory healing” buttons to further emphasise their importance.
  • [SWITCH ONLY] Updated the visuals for the Dpad for better readability.


  • Fixed Flammen (Dragoon) not properly applying nigredo.
  • Fixed Pocket Sand (Mercenary) not properly applying nigredo.
  • Improved the visualisation of the Pyrotechnics (Dragoon) area of effect so it always shows all tiles that will be hit.
  • Using the fast travel well no longer prevents you from opening the pause menu upon arriving at your destination.
  • The loading screen is no longer stretched on widescreens.
  • The Mercy Stroke dagger now drops during the main quest Scouting the Scouts.
  • The free movement UI no longer vanishes upon entering new game plus.
  • Players can no longer reach the City Center early, which would result in getting softlocked by the gate back to the Commoner District.
  • There can no longer be situations where a fifth party member is added, causing issues.
  • Ogier should no longer be invisible when talking to him in front of the church.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the world map toggle button to become unbound.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the second Maarten you recruit to have negative HP.
  • Grand Piers has further strengthened his resolve and properly prevents you from killing him from the back or sides.
  • Fixed an issue causing tightly packed groups of enemies to freeze up or crash the game when engaging combat with them.
  • Maarten no longer changes his hair colour at times.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause generated party members to have mismatching names and visuals.

Quality of Life

  • Autofill for consumable items is now always on by default and only disabled when explicitly disabling the auto fill for a certain slot.
  • The currently selected unit during the pre combat placement phase is now highlighted white to clarify it’s being moved.
  • Whenever the game asks you to select your facing before ending your turn, the camera recenters on the currently active character.
  • The sprint action for controllers has been moved from the left joystick press to the right face button (B on Xbox controllers).
  • The tab key can now also be used to open the inventory.
  • Treasure chests now have a glowing material, to make them easier to find.


  • The price of molotovs has been increased to 1000 per molotov (from 250).
  • First Aid (Mercenary) no longer grants experience.
  • Christiaan’s anchor has been reworked to now maintain damage taken when it is grabbed, making it more reasonable to bring its health down.
  • The tutorial enemies scale with difficulty settings and NG+ cycle.