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Patch 5: Passive effects, achievements & Stella

Hi Mercenaries!

The fifth update is now live! With this patch we’ve brought fixes to achievements, the Black Death questline, passive effects and other miscellaneous improvements.

The patch notes can be read in detail below.


  • The Cultist Cleanup achievement has been fixed to correctly track map completion progress. To unlock it on a playthrough where you have already defeated each group of cultists at least once, visiting each map once will cause the achievement to trigger – this includes smaller maps that don’t explicitly have enemy packs like the Merchant Guild.
  • The Weapon Collector achievement no longer requires you to find nonexistent weapons. To unlock this achievement on a character that has already collected all weapons, unequip any weapon or loot any weapon from the ground.

Passive effects

  • Bloodcoral Blade has been fixed to consistently increase maximum MP and heal the correct amount.
  • The Robes of the Amber Walker now correctly provides its effects rather than the effects of the Bloodcoral Captain’s Coat. If a character already has the robes currently equipped, this change will not be applied until the robes are unequipped or swapped with another piece of armour.
  • The Buccaneer’s Self Preservation passive skill was fixed to properly provide extra MP and AP when below 50% HP.

The Black Death questline

  • Loading a save that was quickly created after helping out Stella in the Graveyard District should no longer prevent you from continuing the quest.
  • Stella no longer has male voice lines for executing combat actions.
  • Stella should no longer get stuck when running off after helping her out.
  • Accepting Stella’s request to join your party and swapping her with Maarten should no longer crash the game.
  • Stella will now always join you in combat against the cultist in the Graveyard District.


  • The area around the statue south in the Church District has been updated to better allow camera navigation on and off the platform.
  • Killing the last enemy in a group now properly grants skill- and party experience.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause your party to expand beyond four units.
  • Fixed a potential crash relating to combat.
  • Skipping the tutorial no longer prevents you from opening the pause menu upon entering the Merchant Guild for the first time.